About Sarge Club

Every year, No Goblin organizes a streaming marathon to raise money for charity. The games are bad and/or weird, but the causes - the causes are good! To date, we've raised over $50,000 for charities thanks to donors like you, and the only thing we had to sacrifice was our sanity and dignity.
Are you looking to support the marathon by donating prizes, or just want to chat? Send us an email!
Want to catch up on the previous marathons before the big day? No worries: we have full archives of all our previous charity marathons right here!

2013: The Inaugural Sarge Club

Dan has a great idea: "Why don't I play all 24 Army Men games back to back in chronological order over 24 hours". It turns out that playing 22 bad games and 2 good ones is harder than it sounds, but it's too late for us to turn back. Sarge Club is born, named after the main character from the Army Men franchise. I hope you're happy, Trip.
(If this is your first time watching, maybe skip straight to 2014, where we figured out how not to corrupt half our archives)
Hosts: Dan and Panzer (plus a whole suite of call-ins!)
Notable Events: the Sarge Club name is born, Suffering.mp3, massive archives corruption

2014: The Worst Games of Metacritic

2014 saw the birth of the modern Sarge Club format: half hour runs with 48 or more bad and weird games. This time, it was mostly bad since they were all selected from the bottom 200 games listed on Metacritic.
Hosts: Dan, Panzer, and Oatmeal Raisin
Notable Events: "Shrek from Donkey Kong", the first game of Jenga World Tour, Shrekstra-Life is proposed and vetoed

2015: The Worst of the Best

Since we couldn't get any worse than "the literal worst games", we went for the worst games from the best franchises. Kinect Star Wars! Jurassic Park Interactive! Tony Hawk RIDE!
Hosts: Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal Raisin, and Adnelle
Notable Events: Hogs Fatman, The Worst 360 Game, Jurassic Park Scream-o-rama

2016: The Sarge Club Misery Cavalcade

The first marathon with themed blocks, which also means it's the birth of the Owl Hour. It's also the first time a good weird game is played during the marathon - thanks Oh No! and Suzuki Bakuhatsu!
Hosts: Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal and Adnelle
Notable Events: Oatmeal's Owl Hour is born, A bad pizza gets delivered

2017: The 5th Annual Sarge Club Mystery Cavalcade

Kaubocks arrives from Canada, so we immediately put him on camera in pajamas to pretend to be Harry Potter. We also go more weird than bad with good results, and do the Shrekstra-Life block with bad results.
Hosts: Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal, Adnelle and Kaubocks
Notable Events: Kaubocks' magic wand, Guy Fieri donation battle, Shrekstra-Life 2017 actually happens.